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The Hobbit

Charlotte's Web

Thunderbolt Kid 


 Can't Play Dead   

 Morality Play (lyrics by Janet Burroway)

Look Way Beyond the Blue 

Waking Lazarus

Where is the Church That Cannot Fail?   Waking Lazarus



A new play that explores just how divided America really is

In a remote cliff-side campground in the Shawnee National Forest, a couple from Chicago set up camp next to a local couple.  They quickly learn that they have little in common. When a sudden windstorm traps them at the campsite together their two teenaged children, Arly and Jada, are forced to interact. They discover a shared dislike of their parents,  and a fascination with violence. 

Requires seven diverse cast members, three female, four male, two who play guitar. Available for workshop or full production. Scroll below to contact the playwright.


The Disposable Visionary: A Survival Guide for Change Agents

Co-authored with Bill Jerome, discover why the very people who are hired to change organizations are often the first to leave or are fired. Written with humor, stories, illustrations and based on solid research, this book speaks to the visionaries and those who manage them.

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